Script Supervising Jobs

For over 20 years, Jill worked with A-list actors, directors, cast and crew on all kinds of award-winning productions at locations throughout the world, including Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Costa Rica, Yugoslavia and Mexico.

Many people aren’t aware of what a script supervisor does. They’re one of the “unsung heroes” on film and TV productions — usually right next to the director, cinematographer and assistant director. This includes “closed sets” when the crew is reduced to the necessary minimum, such as when shooting intimate scenes or in tight spaces.

As the script supervisor, she served as the liaison for the director and editor. Jill’s focus was on maintaining continuity for wardrobe, props, set dressing, performers’ actions, makeup and hair… plus ensuring that the director had sufficient coverage (footage/shots) for all scenes, and the screen direction and eyelines matched.

This was in addition to helping actors with their dialogue, keeping copious notes, assigning scene numbers for the camera slates and sound, tracking details like start, meal and wrap times, plus all of the scenes covered for the production team, and so much more!

Jill’s fluency in Spanish, French and Italian contributed enormously to communications between cast and crew in foreign locations. Below are some of the many projects Jill has done. Additional details are available at


Sean Connery
Antonio Banderas and Jennifer Connelly
Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda
Harry Dean Stanton
Jimmy Smits
Jennifer Lopez
Julia Roberts
Henry Winkler
Bob Hoskins and Tom Hulce
Jennifer Garner

Feature Films

The Vivero Letter – Promark Entertainment – Location: Costa Rica
Director: H. Gordon Boos – Stars: Robert Patrick, Fred Ward

Redline – Nu-Image Films/HBO Films – Location: Budapest, Hungary
Director: Tibor Takacs – Star: Rutger Hauer

My Family – New Line/American Zoetrope – Location: Los Angeles
Director: Gregory Nava – Stars: Jimmy Smits, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, Jennifer Lopez

Of Love and Shadows – Miramax Films – Locations: Buenos Aires & Uspallata, Argentina
Director: Betty Kaplan – Stars: Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Connolly

Menace II Society – New Line Cinema – Location: Los Angeles,
Directors: Albert & Allen Hughes – Stars: Larenz Tate, Glenn Plummer

The Inner Circle – Columbia Pictures – Location: Moscow, Russia
Dir.: Andrei Konchalovksy – Stars: Tom Hulce, Bob Hoskins

Highlander II: The Quickening – Panzer-Davis Prods. – Locations: Buenos Aires & San Juan, Argentina
Director: Russell Mulcahy – Stars: Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, Virginia Madsen

Old Gringo – Columbia Pictures – Location: Mexico City, Zacatecas, Torréon & Durango, Mexico
Director: Luis Puenzo – Stars: Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Smits

Blood Red – Hemdale Productions – Location: Central California
Director: Peter Masterson – Stars: Eric Roberts, Dennis Hopper, Julia Roberts

Flowers in the Attic – New World Pictures – Location: Boston
Director: Jeffrey Bloom – Stars: Kristy Swanson, Louise Fletcher

The Princess Academy – Weintraub Productions – Location: Zagreb, Yugoslavia (Croatia)
Director: Bruce Block – Star: Eva Gabor

Down Twisted – Cannon Group – Locations: Los Angeles, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico City
Dir.: Albert Pyun – Stars: Carey Lowell, Courtney Cox, Charles Rocket

Modern Girls – Atlantic Releasing – Location: Los Angeles
Director: – Jerry Kramer – Stars: Virginia Madsen, Cindy Gibbs, Daphne Zuniga


“The Mentalist: Byzantium” 2nd Unit (TV Series) – Warner Brothers TV Prods. – Location: Burbank

Director: Nina Lopez-Corrado – Stars: Robin Tunney, Rockmond Dunba

Magic Castle After Dark” (TV Movie) – Lifelike Productions/A&E – Location: Los Angeles
Director: Jude Gerard Prest – Stars: 13 different magicians

Conan the Adventurer” (TV Series) – Keller Entertainment – Location: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
Directors: Martin Denning, Mark Roper, Rob Stewart, Gérard Hameline, James Bruce – Star: Ralf Moeller

Dead Man’s Walk” (Mini-Series) – Hallmark Entertainment – Location: Texas
Director: Yves Simoneau – Stars: David Arquette, Jonny Lee Miller, Edward James Olmos, Harry Dean Stanton, Keith Carradine, F. Murray Abraham

Truman” (TV Movie) – HBO Films – Location: Kansas City
Director: Frank Pierson – Stars: Gary Sinise, Diana Scarwid, Tony Goldwyn

Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct: Lightning” (TV Movie) – Hearst Entertainment – Location: Los Angeles
Director: Bruce Paltrow – Stars: Randy Quaid, Ving Rhames, Alex McArthur

One Christmas” (TV Movie) – Karpf Entertainment – Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Director: Tony Bill – Stars: Henry Winkler, Katharine Hepburn, Swoosie Kurtz

Silent Cries” (TV Movie) – Diane Sokolow Productions – Location: New Orleans
Director: Anthony Page – Stars: Gena Rowlands, Annabeth Gish, Chloe Webb

ABC Weekend Specials: “Commander Toad in Space” (TV Series) – Los Angeles
Director: John Matthews – Stars: Mark Hammill, Nichelle Nichols

Fear Stalk” (TV Movie) – Donald March Productions – Location: Los Angeles
Director: Larry Shaw – Stars: Jill Clayburgh, Stephen Macht, Lorna Luft

Commercials/ Promos/ Infomercials

Jill worked on hundreds of multi-lingual commercials, PSAs, promos and infomercials for major brands like McDonald’s, AT&T, L’Oreal, Comcast, Domino’s Pizza, Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, plus too many other companies to mention. Many of these projects starred top talent, such as John Stamos, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.