Jill has been writing short stories, poems and articles since she was seven-years-old. Her poem, “The Sky is On Fire” won Honorable Mention at a national competition in 1964 when she was only 14. She has published articles, written business collateral like brochures, flyers and a PSA for several companies. She’s written a library of original screenplays and as a writer-for-hire. Two were produced with well-known actors. Jill raised over $3 million by writing successful grant proposals with inspirational stories about some of the 50,000 children the nonprofit organization that she founded in 1996 – Create Now – has served.”

Freelance Writer

May 2004–December 2020

  • eHarmony – Part of writing team that wrote an online series, “The Compatible Marriage”
  • Crystal Vending Machines – Brochure, Business letter, Business card
  • Cosmodex T-Shirts – SEO keywords



Jill has written a library of original screenplays in a variety of genres (family, action, horror, sci-fi, romantic comedy, TV drama, urban, musical, thriller), and seven scripts as a writer for hire. Two were produced:

  • The Immortals – PBS Pilot – Star: Ed Asner as Socrates – 3-E Productions
  • Rigged was adapted from the novel Hit and Run by James Hadley Chase – Star: George Kennedy – CineStar Productions

Several of Jill’s scripts have been optioned. One of her screenplays (a high-concept family-comedy feature) has placed as a Finalist in eight different writing competitions. She co-wrote two feature scripts with incarcerated youth through a unique technique that enabled them to tell their stories in their own words. One of them, Gangsta Love, was recently a finalist in a writing contest for “Unique Voices.” Loglines, treatments and completed scripts for all of Jill’s projects are available upon request.


MENTOR YOUTH NOW: A Guidebook for Transforming Young Lives (Nonfiction) This is a one-of-a-kind book that covers all aspects of mentoring, from the basics to setting boundaries, teaching life skills and how to end a mentoring relationship. It’s a precious resource that’s chock full of practical guidance and inspirational stories about mentors from around the U.S. Some examples of topics covered are sex issues, drugs, loaning money and proper behavior. The book is available on Amazon. Jill is available as a consultant to assist you with youth mentoring.

ADVENTURES WITH THE ANCIENT CRYSTAL SKULLS (True Story) – Jill cowrote this inspirational memoir with Joky (“YOH kee”) Van Dieten from the Netherlands. As a child, she witnessed her mother confronting Nazis. Joky was the first female Ferrari racecar driver in Europe. She became an international celebrity after surviving a horrific accident. She experienced amazing spiritual adventures all over the world. Joky overcame a family tragedy, saved her kids from a kidnapping and endured other dangerous situations. She owns 11 ancient crystal skulls that have mystical, healing powers. One of these artifacts helped her to miraculously overcome a malignant brain tumor. Joky’s motivational story is very compelling. Click on this link to purchase the book online.

DOLPHIN HEALING (Chapter Book) – A 10-year-old girl fighting cancer is inspired to live through her love for a dolphin. She becomes an activist in her small town to save dolphins from tuna nets used by the greedy owner of a local fishery where her mother works. Using “PNI” techniques (psycho-neuro-immunology) the girl is able to heal herself. She becomes globally famous for her efforts to save dolphins, and gains the popularity that she has always craved. Her mother falls in love with a marine biologist who befriends the girl. The child also overcomes sibling rivalry and grows closer to her sister. Artist Valerie Woelk created 18 detailed illustrations. Click here to buy the book online at Amazon.


  • Performed improv comedy at the Comedy Store and with the group Constant Comedy
  • Assistant to the V.P. of Creative Affairs at Paramount Studios
  • Assistant to producers and others at Twentieth Century-Fox Studios
  • Production Supervisor and Director at Theta Public Access TV